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My Name is Apeh Francis Abah. I am a writer, a disciple modelling after Christ and a Kingdom Expander. You can contact me via the following means: +2348032289322, email: frankabah46@gmail.com, Facebook: Apeh Francis, Twitter: Francis_Apeh

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Breaking The Yoke of Sin
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Published: Wednesday 27th March 2019

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Breaking The Yoke of Sin

Discover How To Live A Life of Freedom In Christ

"By your sword you shall live, And you shall serve your brother; And it shall come to pass, when you become restless, That you shall break his yoke from your neck."

Genesis 27:40  

“Until you become restless” only then you can break his yoke from your neck. But I put it this way right now, "until you accept Jesus as your personal Lord and savior, and live in the Spirit, you won’t be free from the yoke of  oppression, sicknesses and falling prey to the schemes of the devil."

Esau was just like Adam who  despised his privilege in God and fell short of the glory of God. His blessings, riches and glory withdrew from him and curses replaced. Until you become restless, for Jesus Christ to give you rest, you will continue to serve and do the biddings and dictates of the flesh.

Things will continue to be until a leader, a people, a nation arise to take responsibility to establish measures that will bring a change they desire.  This simply explains a fact that dependence, oppression and slavery will continue until your ministry, your nation or your organization take a posture of restlessness. Until the children of Israel in captivity and bondage became restless and they cried out, help was not sent to them.

“Until you become restless.” What was Isaac trying to tell his son Esau? Even though you have been working hard, you are not productive, you have nothing to show for your labor, even though you get a great catch it means nothing to you, you are in the midst of abundance of resources but you still depend on your brother to give you a cooked version of what you have.

You lack the brain power, wisdom and discipline to process what you have, you are reckless and you disregard what you should have treasured, you despise the very thing that would have given you authority and power, and if you continue like this, you will continue to serve your younger brother. Why? Because he is the direct opposite of you.

But there is a good news, it doesn’t matter if you had sold your birthright before or you have been a vagabond, you can become a man of substance, a man of success, a man of great wealth and affluence, a nation that will lend to other nations only if you become restless or take a posture of restlessness.

What does it mean to be restless or what does restlessness mean? It is a state of not feeling relaxed or calm or unhappy about a situation. It is a state or a desire of wanting a change so much so that you are  having little or no rest or sleep.

You can’t be idle and expect things to work for you, you must arise and work towards what you so much dream about.

In the parable of the prodigal son in Luke 15:17, the Scripture said He came to himself. This is the first step to restlessness, and breaking the yoke of poverty, oppression and lack. Until your ministry, your nation, your establishment come to realize themselves; they won’t do anything meaningful. The state of things will remain static until an external force is applied. That force that changes everything about a person begins with you coming to the realization of your identity and your identity is hidden in Christ Jesus.

See what the prodigal son said to himself "my fathers servants have enough bread to spare and I perish with hunger." He came to a place where he understood his background and identity. He now realized how far he had strayed from home, He knew a man of his caliber cannot suffer and perish in

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hunger, he knew that the present life he lives is not befitting of a son of a king. What is the state of life you are living right now? What is the state of the organization you are leading right now? What is the state of the nation right now? Is it commensurate with the kind of resources we have? Are we supposed to lack or are we supposed to perish in hunger?

Verse 38 of Genesis 27 said Esau lifted up his voice and wept. It is not enough to weep, find your way back. We must find our identity and retrace our steps back to Christ if we must break that yoke off our neck.

The second step is to arise and go to the Father. When you realize your identity, you are not supposed to sit in a relaxed position, or continue to feel sober, you must arise. It is one thing to know what to do, it is another thing to rise up to do that thing you know you should do. Rising up is very critical. If you are a sinner and you have found your identity in God, you must take deliberate step. You must arise. This is a necessary measure to take in order to break yokes over your neck.

Jesus said come onto me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Let your restlessness lead you to Christ, in Him you will find total liberation for your soul and every yoke over your neck will loose its grips over you. I urge you to give your life to Christ in repentance. Bow your head and dedicate your life to Christ. Haven done that, I guarantee you that every thing you have lost will be recovered, you will walk in liberty and freedom from every yoke in Jesus name. Amen.



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