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Exemplary Leadership
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Published: Friday 5th October 2018

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Exemplary Leadership

After Which Model Have You Been Raised A Leader?

The quality, beauty and authority of every product is usually to the degree of the quality, beauty and accuracy of its mould - model.


"This is the book of the genealogy of Adam. In the day that God created man, He made Him in the likeness of God."

Genesis 5:1

            According to that Scripture above, the model or mould through which Adam was formed, fashioned, or made was God. Since products always become like their models or moulds; Adam became like God - from the beginning.


Listen To Audio Podcast: Exemplary Leadership: After Who Are You Becoming A Leader?


            According to Genesis 1:26, God decided to make man in His own mould in order to replicate His capacity, power and authority in man. And having done that, He concluded on giving dominion to the moulded man - the man that raised to become just like Him.

"Love has been perfected among us in this: that we may have boldness in the day of judgment; because as He is; so are we in this world."

1 John 4:17

            Since Adam was fashioned like God, he then functioned like God on the earth. God raised him up in such a manner that He thought like God, spoke like God and decreed like God. Hence, he was able to replicate heaven on earth.

            However, after the fall, Adam was re-fashioned by his decision and choice to disobey God. He became a man who knew both good and evil - and therefore could do both. In the beginning, he only knew good and only good he could do. However, because of the fall, a new became a new man - born under the law of sin. Note what happened aftermath:

 And Adam lived one hundred and thirty years, and begot a son in his own likeness, after his image, and named him Seth.

Genesis 5:3

            When we mention 'Exemplary Leadership', our focus is usually the man or woman who models how a thing should be done to others. We often focus on who is setting the example by his or her life. We hardly focus on the people under such influence. Today, our focus isn't on the exemplary leader; but the people under exemplary leadership.

            It has been said that people do what people see; however, we must watch what people see; to be sure they are seeing rightly, lest we recycle evil, bitterness, corruption and mediocrity in our societies or organizations.

            When Adam was raised up by God; he was only seeing God walk, talk, act and react. Since God was his focus or model - he 'naturally' became like God. But by the incidence of the fall, Adam became a new man; and since his sin separated him from God - he was more or less alone. As soon as he became a father, his children naturally took after him - since he was their sole mould or example.

            As a result of his knowledge of good and evil, he had mood swings; he could be quiet and suddenly loud. He could be nice and then harsh. In fact, he became double minded. As a result of that, his people became leaders in their rights after the order of their fallen father.

            This cycle continued for successive generations until, some of his people (descendants) decided to seek new mould in God. One of those people is Enoch. He so much moulded his life and leadership after God (not his father) that God took him out of the earth. Noah became a leader under God's example and subsequently Abraham. You see, until these leaders changed the examples they were seeing; they didn't

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become significant representatives of God.

            If God must use you, empower you and deploy you for the liberation of your people; you must allow Him to become your new mould. He must become your standard (not a CEO, Pastor or Boss). He must become your hope, aspiration and vision. Pleasing Him, knowing Him and learning from Him must become your new life goals.

            If you must become renown, relevant and influential tomorrow - you must watch what you are seeing today! Wrong examples could also make you an exemplary leader. However, you will become exemplary leader of wrong examples. Only a matter of time, good people will abandon your ship for right  owns. Fix your leadership moulds - so that you can be the right product (person or leader) tomorrow.

Thanks for the time invested in this!


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