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Rekindle The Fire Let It Burn Again Pt. 2
Rekindle The Fire Let It Burn Again Pt. 2 is read 217 times on CentreNDL.org   217

Rekindle The Fire Let It Burn Again Pt. 2

An Open Letter To My Childhood Church

Published: Thursday 15th November 2018

Kindly read Rekindle The Fire Let It Burn Again Pt. 1: An Open Letter To My Childhood Church Here.

Greetings to you dearly beloved church of Christ. I wish I could apologize for upsetting you with the word of truth in my previous epistle, but nevertheless, God the faithful witness has lifted the burden off me as I pass this message across. As long as wickedness, lukewarmness and perversity continues to prevail among you, I won't keep my mouth shut and my pen won't stop but continue to run on plane sheets of paper in disgust and restlessness until holiness, righteousness and the consciousness of God is enthroned among you. For this reason I owe no man any apology.

Oh church of Christ where is your love for one another? Have your spiritual senses become this blunt? So blunt that you no longer care about each other? I could see that Apostle Paul was right when he said "you are nothing but a sounding brass and a clanging cymbal." Without Love your gifting are nothing; irrespective of your anointing.

How come the health of the sheep of your pasture so deteriorate to the point of death under your nose and you are not aware? So painful! Such a thing as this I have not found among the heathens. Have you paused to ask yourself this fundamental question: why must there be an annual loss of a member among you through sudden and strange death or terminal illnesses? It began as far back as I could remember until date. Vibrant and committed members die in such a disgraceful manner due to lack of care.

I see manipulations from the pit of hell. It seems like the spiritual host of wickedness in high places, principalities and powers have succeeded in trapping you inside its web. And you are all comfortable, come to church every Sunday; clap hands share the grace and go the same way you came. The same routine year in year out. The question I want to ask is this: Who will be the next? And for how long will this evil continue? This is a serious question  you must answer among yourselves.

See the youths who are supposed to take the challenge and rise up to responsibility, be the light and salt of the church have also lost their relevance. I see them yawning, waiting impatiently for the boring sermon to finish hoping to catch up with a football match or hang out with friends (that's all they care about anyway). They have gotten addicted to drugs, estranged and entangled in secret sin and no one is willing to listen to them. Mr. Pastor is too

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anointed to come down to their level and listen to share practical life lessons with them.

I see them die in silence, helpless and hopeless; yet striving to be accepted by their peers socially. Pastor sir, who will rescue them from the bondage and yoke of sin, who will show them the way to Christ? Hell is quietly luring them away to its bosom. I wish I could write these things on your soul and brand them on your conscience.

Arise oh preacher! Arise and stand upright. The responsibility was given to you not as title or for fun but to function as a servant. How have you helped your youths to live a purpose-driven life, to discover their potentials? Have you also helped them to discover and be aware of the leadership spirit inherent within them? How have you helped them discover and exercise their spiritual gifts? I wonder how you will begin to narrate your excuses the day you appear before the judgment seat to give account of how well you have fed His lambs, how well you tend the sheep, and how well you fed His sheep.

If you want to see your church grow again, you must change your mentality and mindset. Don't be too rigid, don't shut yourself out from innovative ideas, feed the flock with life applicable teachings, not religious dogma. Don't teach like the scribes and Pharisees or like your general overseer, teach like Jesus, heal like Jesus model and pattern your life after Christ and most importantly crave for the power of the Holy Spirit.

God bless you.


Church Growth  Spirituality  Rekindle The Fire Let It Burn Again Pt. 2  An Open Letter To My Childhood Church  Rekindle The Fire Let It Burn Again Pt. 2  An Open Letter To My Childhood Church  Gboyega Adedeji  CentreNDL  New Dimension Leadership  Leadersh 

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Rekindle The Fire Let It Burn Again Pt. 2  Rekindle The Fire Let It Burn Again Pt. 2  Rekindle The Fire Let It Burn Again Pt. 2  Rekindle The Fire Let It Burn Again Pt. 2
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