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The Genesis of Audacity In Leadership Pt.2
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The Genesis of Audacity In Leadership Pt.2

Do You Call Yourself A Youth?

Published: Monday 14th May 2018

Among other things, you must settle the matter of yourself awareness. You must know yourself and see yourself the way God sees you and knows you. The second thing is that you must be a man or woman that is set aside for a use, a special use. It is not enough to know that God has set you aside before you were born, it is important to also know what God has set you aside for.


If you haven't read the first part of this write up, I would encourage you to read it first for proper perspective - The Genesis of Audacity In Leadership Pt.1.


            The question then is: "A man who knows himself and knows what he has been set aside for, what can limit the effectiveness or impede the emergence of such a man?" One of the greatest things that has ever impeded the emergence of so many in their generation is their sense of youthfulness. They keep telling themselves just like Jeremiah said in verse six, that they are youths not knowing that the greatest countries in this world and the greatest organizations in this world are led by youths. You cannot continue to tell yourself that the reason you have not emerged is because you are a youth. God needed to tell Jeremiah to quit calling himself a youth, and get about doing what he has ordained him to do.

            When God told him "Don't say I am a youth!", does it then mean that he was not a youth? God told him not to say it, not to preoccupy himself with it! It should not be a factor that would hold him back from going about to execute what God has called and ordained him to do. Your emergence is not tied to you being old or being young, it is tied to your awareness of who you are and who you have been raised up to be. A man who finds out who he is at 60 (sixty) is a man who we could think he is old, but he is a youth in that context. A man who finds his at 17 (seventeen), and who is aware of whom God has raised him up to be, although we may think such a person is still young or a youth, he is a man that has been commanded for effectiveness in his generation and he is able to command great result.

            Effectiveness is not tied to your age, it is tied to your own revelation of who you are and whom the Lord has made you. You must be very clear about that. What holds you back from doing great things for the Lord is that you look at people's faces, you fear their faces and because of the countenance of their faces, you keep quiet. But God said don't look at their faces, that thing that holds you back, don't look and give attention to it. Don't allow it to hold you back. The purpose of God for your life is too urgent to be abandoned on the platform of your youthfulness.

            You see, the King's business requires urgency. you cannot sit back and say until you reach a certain age, you will not do it. There are lots of people who have not been destined to live to the age of fifty, imagine if a man ties his setting out to that age, and he does not reach that age, such a person would be tagged a foolish servant in the long run who is ignorant of the timing of God. It is important to see the way God sees you.

            When God touches that part of you that will make you effective, it makes the work easy for you. I think one of the things you should be craving for as a leader is the hand of God upon your life. Ask God to touch you and the different component of your life so that you can be effective. Don't continue giving God excuses, ask him to touch you.

            For a man to ever become audacious, such a man must be aware of what God has set him or her over. There is something God has set you over. God has put you in charge of things, if you are ignorant of those things, you will be idle even though you are expected to be busy. So you must know what God has set you over. You must know the spheres and the matters that God has set you over. It will help you to become focused and to be deliberate in your leadership.

            In verse eleven (11), God asked Jeremiah what he saw and he responded well. You see, your progress, effectiveness and speed in leadership is tied to your vision. You must not just be a man or woman who sees himself or herself the way God sees him or her; you must be a man or a woman that is continually in touch with the future. Leadership is about the people, the future, about change and about effectiveness. If you cannot see it, then you cannot take anyone into

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it. The reason why Jeremiah would be qualified to speak over a matter is because he has seen the matter. The leadership effectiveness of Jeremiah was tied to his capacity for vision. If he could not see it, he could not say it. If he would ever speak, he must of necessity see.

            So, if you want to speak in your generation, you want to do great things in your generation, you must see and conceive great things. You must be a man of vision and a visionary. So, the question then is: "Is that all that a man needs to be bold in leadership in his generation?" Verse seventeen (17) of that Jeremiah would give us an insight into this questions. What you need for effectiveness is the making of the Lord. If you want to be bold, you must be made by the Lord. And beyond that, you must be in continual fellowship or association or partnership with the presence of the Lord. The point is, you must never get out of the presence of God in leadership.

            It would be such a woeful and dangerous experience to be out of God. You need to be in God and you need God to be in you and with you to ever be successful. There would be attempts on your life, responsibility or your position. Even your safety and reputation may also be placed on the line, but God is with you, and He will remain with you. As long as God is with you and remain with you, you are able to survive every onslaught and attack on your life and leadership. So, will you stand for what God has raised you and commands you to do? You must do what God expects of you to do, you must go to the places that He has commanded you to go, not afraid of people or minding what people would say because you are not alone.

            Leadership is not a lonely journey, it is a journey with God in the fulfillment of God's purpose on the earth. So, if you accept the purpose of God for your life, and you are aware of who you are, you see yourself the way God sees you and you match forward in the pursuit of God's vision for your life, you are not alone. The Lord is with you and His hosts, and they are there to help you and to see you through. They are there to encourage you and to also push you forward. God gives grace to the humble. Progress and exhortation are all from the Lord. When you do well and stand for God, and His purpose for your life, He pushes you forward.

Thanks for reading.


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The Genesis of Audacity In Leadership Pt.2  The Genesis of Audacity In Leadership Pt.2  The Genesis of Audacity In Leadership Pt.2  The Genesis of Audacity In Leadership Pt.2
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